According to National Bureau of Statistics of China (May 15, 2020):

  1. The industrial production continued to pick up: the total value added of the enterprises above the designated size grown by 4.4% yoy.
  2. The index of services production shifted from negative to positive: increased 1% yoy.
  3. The market sales: the total retail sales of consumer goods are down 2.8% yoy.
  4. Investment in fixed assets: the investment in fixed assets (excluding rural households) was down by 6.3% yoy.
  5. Consumer prices: the consumer prices went up by 2.4% yoy.
  6. Urban unemployment rate: the urban surveyed unemployment rate was 5.9%.
  7. Export of goods: the total value of imports and exports of goods decreased by 4.9% yoy.
  8. Financial credit: the aggregate financing to the real economy increased by 12.5% yoy.

In May, the performance of main economic indicators improved. Chinese economy continues to recover from slowdown triggered by covid19. But uncertainty worldwide makes international trade more complicated.

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