Online shopping? Yes, please! I can’t imagine my life without Amazon & Flipkart. But I remember those days when I was not aware of online shopping. It was in my small town in Ukraine. In used to believe that online shopping is not reliable until I first time received parcel from e-commerce giant.

After global pandemic shown that offline shopping could be linked with possibility of getting covid19+, acceptance of online shopping has also been impressive.

In 2020 expected $4.2 trillion in e-commerce sales. In 2019 for every $100 spend on retail goods, more than $14 spend via online shopping. By 2023,it’s estimated that online sales will hit $6.4 trillion worldwide.

China and USA are responsible for over $2.5 trillion worth of online goods & services sale in 2019. With huge investments India and Brazil build e-commerce market and becoming bit players.

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