I used to be obsessed with Instagram. But not anymore. Here’s top reasons why Instagram popularity dropped significantly over last two years.

Since Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion, customers preferences changed. But Instagram now more like an add on platform for influencers to post sponsored images. Feels like almost all feed is made from ads covered in semi-professional pictures. And who need so many fake influencers? Have you seen followers count with engagement rate 1%? That’s purchased followers.

Organic followers growth as well as high ranking of non paid content are unicorns (simply don’t exist). It’s clear that platform not as popular as it used to be. A few years ago Instagram announced new algorithm that showed relevant content (mostly sponsored content) on the user’s feed. Every year algorithm changing without explanation what has changed. In 2018 I’ve seen the biggest drop in followers organic growth and in number of likes under each post. I did not feel like posting more genuine content because I did not see any satisfaction from number of likes 10 or maximum 30. Also I’ve seen that more people unfollow me than follow. My genuine content was far behind paid content. What happened after? I’ve deleted that account. And it was one of my best decision…

It’s really hard to grow Instagram account organically. Obviously there’s paid promotions available but with extremely low engagement rate that’s foolishness. Last year with new app update number of likes under posts are hidden. This done to promote deeper engagement with followers and better mental health of users.

Currently what I see in my feed is properly curated content of perfect life of person with ideal body, unlimited income & travel (don’t forget #travel & #vsco…).

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