Have you ever heard about Li-Fi? Heres details about alternative technology to widely used Wi-Fi. Li-Fi stands for light fidelity and provide high speed bi-directional network by using light. In Li-Fi technology used LED bulbs (semiconductor device). The brightness of LED bulbs can be changed in extremely high speed, this allows to send a signal by modulating the light at different rates. After this detector interprets the changes in light intensity and present data.

Li-Fi enabled light intensity modulation can’t be seen by eyes. Human eyes will see seamlessly bright light. In Li-Fi technology the lowest frequency of light modulation is 1MHz and could be used in daylight (even direct sunlight) because the modulated light still could be detected.

If light switched off than Li-Fi switched off too. But it can work on 60 lux as well and invisible light spectrum (infra-red)is used to send back information to lightbulb. Li-fi is more secure than regular Wi-Fi and it could be contained in physical space.

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