More than 2 months in quarantine, more than 2 months in world’s biggest lockdown (India). Yesterday in our society one person found with positive covid19 test. All housing complex on strict quarantine, no permission to exit flat, can’t even buy medicine & food. It’s an example of mess. Government does something and no results. What’s next? Lock down in flat like a prisoners.

In same time domestic flights to Mumbai resumed. What I do? 24/7 inside the flat for next one month. No motivation to write anything, no motivation to do anything. Just one desire. After I can walk out of flat go straight to the international airport and fly back to my home country.

I never thought that I’ll write something like this. While I sit at home 24/7 another people freely walking just near the society gate, exercise, buy groceries. Pure discrimination. Exactly disappointed with useless quarantine (number of new cases in all time high). Unemployment rate sky touching, poverty beyond control, no income, no freedom. But #stayhome while other roaming around.

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