The trillion dollar club stands for companies with market cap at least $1 trillion in some point of time. This exclusive group have 3 similarities in common: $1 trillion market cap, USA based and all part of technology sector. As you may guess already that only a few companies qualified to be in the trillion dollar club.

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc became world’s first $ trillion company. The company hit $1 trillion valuation after 42 years since inception and 117 years since US Steel become the first company with $1 billion valuation.

Microsoft Inc.

Microsoft Inc achieved massive success since inception but now company specialising more on cloud-based platform. Amazon and Microsoft have duopoly in digital storage business.

Alphabet Inc.

Alphabet Inc is a parent company of Google. And Google shaped the way we search information. Now company generate more revenue from advertising and cloud-based services.

Amazon Inc.

Amazon Inc revolutionized the way we shop. And who doesn’t enjoy shopping in comfort of your home with home delivery? But now Amazon Inc is a powerful player on cloud-based services and logistics.

But there’s a single company that briefly reached market cap $2 trillion. It’s not US based company, it’s Saudi Arabia’s Aramco.

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