It’s not an easy task to restart the economy. Some media companies created overly simplified way on how to restart the economy: finish lockdown, ease quarantine, ask people to return to their workplaces, and that’s all. But in reality it’s much more complex task.

It’s significantly harder to restart a complex organization because of uncertainty and no understanding to what level operations should be scaled up. Business strategy “faster, cheaper and more efficient” don’t work during the pandemic and will not work for quite long time after pandemic will be over. Supply chain must be retooled and localised. On screenshot available visual presentation for companies to better balance efficiency and speed while not forgetting about resilience and visibility.

Companies should work towards diversification of supply chain and keeping as much inventory as needed before the economy start growing again. Demand and supply will not be balanced for quite long time after covid-19 over. This global pandemic will be a golden opportunity for some industries and will make businesses technology driven.

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