Imposter syndrome makes person feel like complete fraud because person believe that did not deserve the success. This psychological phenomenon makes person believe that achievements happened because of luck.

There’s 5 major types and their mix:

  1. The perfectionist.
  2. The expert.
  3. The soloist.
  4. The superwomen / supermen.
  5. The great mind (natural genius).

The best way to overcome thoughts about being fraud is to memories yourself about your success. But in prospective that you worked hard to achieve it and it did not happened just because of pure luck. Women mostly consider own success as a result of luck, man mostly consider own success as a result of work and ability to generate success in long run.

People who suffer from imposter syndrome prefer to use particular phrases. Check it on picture below.

I know that no one loves to read long and boring articles. So I use memes and quotes that describe in the best way imposter syndrome. If you have some questions please write in comments section or e-mail me. Thank, I would appreciate if you follow my blog.


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