Recently I came across Instagram posts like “6 ways to make money while you sleep” or “use this methods to earn while sleeping”, etc. Here’s my point of view on this bullsh*t.

  1. Shopify: Quarantine and lockdown in many countries. This method does not work in current situation. When quarantine and pandemic will be over than buyers will be scared do not receive contaminated items.
  2. Real estate: It’s not easy to make money from real estate unless you own it. Some people take loan, buy the property, give it for rent, use rend income to pay for mortgage. But this property doesn’t generate any income.
  3. Sales on Amazon: Good for big resellers and business owners. If you are small seller than it will not generate enough income for comfortable lifestyle.
  4. WordPress : Who told that blogging is easy? Don’t believe that blogging gurus who tell that “start blog, post valuable content, make a lot if money from ads and affiliate marketing”. This works only in theory. In real life blogging is not easy and not as profitable as you think.
  5. YouTube : I’ve tried to grown my financial education blog. Stupid low quality entertainment channels are way more popular than serious educational channels. People prefer to be entertained but not educated.
  6. Stock market : As a trader I can tell that it’s the hardest place to make easy money or to make money while you sleep. Stock market is not a gambling place, it’s a serious business.

Hopefully I’ve explained in details. If you have more questions then write it in comment, I’ll respond.


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