Quarantine… I’m bored with myself… I’m bored with my husband… I wished to spend more time together with husband. Now my dreams came true. 24/7 together for past 3 weeks. Here’s my advices how to survive the quarantine without big conflicts:

  • Your partner is not perfect. So, don’t expect him/her to act in the most perfect way.
  • Share cooking & cleaning. It’s way more fun than you think.
  • Arrange your living space. You have more than enough time to declutter your life.
  • More s*x and less drama. It’s such a perfect time for high quality intimacy.
  • Wanna fight? Memorize that you’ll need to spend with this person more time if quarantine prolonged.
  • Can’t be productive? It’s okay. Ensure that you complete minimum requirements per day.
  • Pick up new skill that you want to learn. Work on it every day.
  • Online meetings with co-workers and relatives. Keep distance to avoid health problems.
  • Exercise. On YouTube available unlimited number of motivational exercise videos.
  • Dress up every day. Pajamas and messy hair makes you feel less organize.
  • Enjoy your time together. Quarantine will be over soon and you will miss the precious moments together.

It’s such a simple but well put together guidance. If you have more ideas please share in comments.

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