Quarantine changed the way we live. Here’s small example why it’s used and what are benefits. Seasonal flu’s basic reproduction number is 1.3. That means that every person sick with flu can infect 1.3 person.

After 10 rounds there will be only 56 sick people.

Covid19 basic reproduction number is 2-2.5. That means that 1 sick person can infect 2-2.5 healthy people.

After 10 rounds infected 2047 healthy people.

This is the main reason behind the quarantine and country’s lockdown. Also if huge number of people will get sick in the same time than country’s healthcare system will fail to serve all sick people. This situation is now in Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Iran, US, etc.

I understand that quarantine destroyed vacation plans, work schedule, socialization time. But it’s necessary tool to get more time before vaccine and medicine created.

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