What do you know about the concept of “waiting for the right moment”? I think you got many advices like this. You make right moment by your action and you should not schedule your life achievements for later (later moment may not come).

There’s a few simple ways how to get things done fast:

  • If something takes less than 2 minutes to accomplish then do it asap.
  • If you can do it right now then do it asap.
  • If task could be accomplished by someone else then delegate, pay for it, get things done.
  • If you got idea then write it in calendar with dedicated time slot to work on it.
  • If you did not do something in 72 hours (at least did not start) then forget and move on. You are not interested in that.
  • If you have repetitive task then make something to control your progress.

It’s quite short list but only useful advices. But it’s your choice to follow it or not.

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