Most of people are busy but how many of them really productive? I think only that who work towards their goals. And I don’t mean only entrepreneurs and business owners. Not everyone can be entrepreneur but everyone can work towards achieving goals (it’s like dreams but based on plan and on-time execution).

Here’s a few examples of being busy but not productive:

  • Busy people desire to look like they have clear life goals, productive people have goals.
  • Busy people prefer to say “yes”, productive people mostly tell “no” to irrelevant requests.
  • Check e-mail multiple times per day. Productive? No. Busy? Yes.
  • Nonsense office meetings. Waste of time.
  • Multitasking. Extremely busy but not productive.
  • Too many task for the day. If you need to complete 20 tasks for the day than delegate at least half.
  • Busy people do not follow strictly personal calendar.
  • Perfectionism.
  • Too many distractions influence busy people. Productive people schedule distractions on particular time period only.
  • Busy people struggle to set boundaries.
  • Meeting with people who damage your inner balance. You don’t feel like upsetting them and you get busy with meetings.
  • Eating junk food. You are busy chewing trash but it does not fuel your body properly.
  • Pretending that cooking it’s a waste of time. You may feel good that you have extra 20 minutes fir work. But you damage your body by eating crap.
  • Work during workout. That looks productive but it’s not. Full focus.
  • Busy people sacrifice family time. Productive people occasionally sacrifice family time too but they are more accountable in front of themselves.
  • Talks like “I’m so busy”

There’s a huge difference between being productive and busy. And every day you choose to be busy or productive. Choose wisely.

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