It’s hard to come up with tv show as “The Bachelor”. Commercially successful and totally irrational. This show portrays unhealthy relationship with no respect. Here’s my point of view on this ridiculous show.

1 rich bachelor + 25 girls in search of “true love”. Girls try to look and act better than actually they are in real life. Man invite for date a few girls per week and till end of the week give roses to most of them. That, who didn’t get the rose, go home. In final he ask 2 girls to get ready for potential proposal with ring. One girl gets the ring, another goes home in tears. In direct competition girls try to win bachelor’s attention. That’s all.

The Bachelor show started in 2002 and it’s still popular. What could be worst than showing women’s degradation? But for every low quality content will be viewers. This show produced more Instagram stars (Instafamous) than actual successful marriages. Franchise sold to many countries (I watched Ukrainian version of it). The show’s environment is unnatural and that leads to unrealistic standards of happiness, beauty and relationship. Also every season is the same. Just different bachelor and 25 competing girls. Same fake love, tears, romance, travel to beautiful destination, meeting with girls’ family, meeting with bachelors’ family, endless roses ceremony, scenario (producers denied any allegation), etc.

In real life man values the female who he conquered. Since centuries this was the reality. Now? Girls ready to do everything for fame and Instagram followers.

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