All this craze about new corona virus look so suspicious. Global markets experienced the biggest fall (most probably correction) since 2008. Stock markets overreacted on corona virus news and possible global pandemic.

Every year from flu dies a lot of people but there’s no panic because it considered normal. According to World Health Organization every year mosquito bites result in death of more than 1 million people. Where’s panic about it? No panic. It’s considered normal. Approx 60000 people die every year because if dogs bite. Approx 770000 death because of HIV aids. Guess what? No vaccine or effective medicine.

It looks very suspicious that so much attention to corona virus that did not kill huge number of people. It looks like someone needed panic in order to trigger global market correction (prices falled sharply). But why? That, who own huge amount of money (better to tell group of wealthy investors) will by shares and commodities in lowest possible price and will see one of the biggest gains in their wealth. Remember that for wealthy people every recession and market correction is the way to earn more more money (shopping for wealthy people).

I’ve seen my small investments fall 10% (yeah, loss) just in two days. But I did not sell my stock. I want to check my theories and walk out with profits. Maybe I’ll lose more money but I’ll check my assumptions about market prices.

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