I wasted 5 years in university just to learn useless data. I never used it in real life. No one ever asked me about my diploma. Every employee wanted the experience and practical knowledge. Even I I lied that I have master degree it will work out because no one cross check it.

After 5 years in university I understood that learned nothing useful (except how to live below my standards). Here’s a short list of really useful skills that with increase earnings and future potential income:

  • Financial planning. It’s easier than you think but you must learn on your own. Lack of financial planning lead to poverty and life below your standards.
  • Learn how to use insurance. Be aware about terms and conditions. Be prepared.
  • Learn extra skill to earn on side gigs.
  • Every year pick up new skill and master it: programing, blogging, fashion, SEO, 3d printing, first help, coaching, etc.
  • Learn new language (foreign language or programing language).
  • Change jobs regularly. Quite controversial but that will make you upgrade yourself faster.
  • Learn how to use Google Calendar (there’s ko better calendar than this one). Write every task and dedicate time slot for execution (be realistic). Ensure that till end of the day all To Do done.
  • Learn about healthy eating. Cooking it’s a basic surviving skill and not gender related work only. If you don’t feed yourself well than you will not be able to enjoy life in long run.
  • Discipline yourself for regular exercise. Such a simple advice but how often do you exercise?
  • Minimize belonging that’s useless (aka keep what’s spark joy).
  • Learn to have uninterrupted time with important for you people.
  • Optimize expenses and travel more. Use money to create memories.

New skills needed because world constantly changing and new technologies developed. In order to succeed you must be self educated and practical.

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