Facebook partnered with Reuters to fact check user’s generated social media content. Fake news, fake photos (edited), fake videos (edited videos) goes viral in social media because users do not double check the news. After every like & comment & share more and more users can see fake news and think that’s true news. Fake content create panic. Fake content is used to mislead people.

In order to reduce fake content go viral in social media, Facebook partnered with global news agency Reuters that will check various headlines, news, photos, videos. Currently only in English and Spanish languages and US based news. Upcoming Presidential Election could be influenced by fake news and Facebook will do everything to reduce number of questionable content.

Facebook criticized for false or misleading content that intentionally presented in way to look like real news. But number of users worldwide is too high to control each piece of content. So, it’s responsibility of every social media user to differentiate between real and fake content and mark (complain) everything that look suspicious.

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