Recently I came across “Hypnosis for traders” and was surprised that it’s even exist. There’s plenty of modern day psychologists (real and fake) that sell lie in form of hypnosis for traders. Fake gurus claim that by a few session of hypnosis right mindset of successful trader could be achieved (no guarantees whatsoever).

Limiting believes and fears (fear of losing trade, bad decision making, impatience, fear of losing money, fear of missing out profitable trade, etc) now treated by hypnotist. A few weeks ago I received e-mail with personal invitation to attend this type of “I’ll cure you fast & expensive” scam. There’s no fast and easy fix to mindset, greed, lack of motivation, lack of discipline. But for psychologists it’s one extra way to make money. That, who never traded by himself/herself on own money, will never understand what’s going on in traders head when order loosing money.

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