Motivational quotes, life quotes, news headlines, small pieces of information in social media…. Everyone is bombarded by incomplete information but almost everyone consider themselves as a knowledgeable person.

In last 50 years attention span reduced a few time. Psychologists created entire writing strategy how to insure that your readers read at least a few sentences. After popularity of TikTok and social media photos our brain is not able to concentrate even one minute on some topic. Significantly increased distractibility occured because of lack of focus and constant uncontrollable desire to switch attention to next video or photo.

In 2000 average attention span was 12 seconds, in 2020 it’s less than 8 seconds. Average internet user’s attention span range from 3-5 seconds. In social media such as TikTok users receive constant stream of new videos every 15 seconds (micro video length) and also have option to watch next video even faster that 15 sec.

As I started YouTube channel I see under each uploaded video average watched duration. For 22 minutes video average watched duration is 4 minutes (it’s quite good result). Users consume huge amount of new information and almost immediately forget almost all new information. Brain need time to process new information, also brain need time to shift new piece of information from short memory long memory (now quite sure that I used the right words).

In dept long conversations are in history. People don’t have enough in dept knowledge to discuss one hour particular topic. For comparison goldfish has attention span 9 seconds. Average internet users have 3-5 seconds attention span. So, every time you scroll down social media feed you do more harm to your brain.

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