How many items do you own? How many items do you use? Difference will be huge. We own more than we use. Also we own more than we actually need. That seems like we are fine with living in cluttered places.

Genius marketing and sale strategies created believe that we need to own countless belongings. But more belongings means more maintaining and more cleaning. Who want to spend precious time in useless cleaning and space organizing? I think no one.

Here’s a few simple ideas how to keep your living place clutter free:

  • Buy less groceries.
  • Plan your groceries shopping.
  • No bulk shopping.
  • No fast fashion.
  • No shopping during sale season.
  • Avoid Black Friday, Cyber Monday, The Singles Day, etc.
  • Don’t buy duplicates.
  • Shift to second hand shopping.
  • If something does not match your expectations than return it.
  • Sell your old clothing.
  • Do not accumulate sentimental items.
  • Avoid buying useless electronics.
  • Avoid cluttering your home by too much of furniture.
  • Avoid free stuff.
  • Declutter your living space.
  • Declutter your digital life.
  • Maintain clutter free home.

It’s easier to maintain clutter free home if all family members follow the same strategy. Even if no one else accept minimalism you still can limit your useless possessions. Minimalism its about prioritizing what’s important and not spending too much of time in maintaining. Before bringing new item into your life please ensure that you really need it.

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