Minimalism is not about owning 50 items, it’s about making your wellbeing as a priority. When in house accumulated a lot of useless junk than a lot of useless trash will be in head (thoughts, believes, gossips, etc). Here’s a list that will help you to understand minimalism better:

  1. Clutter in home = clutter in head.
  2. Can’t clean your house by yourself? Employ someone who will do it for you. I employed lady who is helping me with home cleaning and insuring that all belongings are in designated place.
  3. If some items don’t have designated place than sell / donate it.
  4. Declutter your home. I used Marie Condo method.
  5. Avoid fast fashion shopping as it not sustainable in long run. Also that’s waste of money. Clothes look cheap.
  6. Buy second hand clothing. In 10-20% of price you can get luxury items and enjoy wearing it.
  7. Avoid shopping during sale season. Believe me you don’t save anything even with 40% off.
  8. Avoid Black Friday, Cyber Monday, The Singles Day, etc.
  9. Don’t buy duplicate items.
  10. Ensure that you fuel your body by the best food (I don’t mean that you need to spend a lot of money for it).
  11. Take away food is harmful for your wellbeing and health. Stick to cooking or employ someone who will meal prep for you.
  12. Avoid throwing away food. Just don’t buy that much and measure how much you actually need before buying.
  13. Less plastic and more reusable packaging.
  14. Avoid bulk shopping. Can you finish 5 kg of oats before insects will spoil it?
  15. Alcohol? Why would you pay for poisoning liquid? Avoid it.
  16. No useless data and questionable quality photos on phone.
  17. Keep as minimum emails as possible sible.
  18. Read articles instead of browsing social media.
  19. Watch education videos instead of low quality social media content.
  20. Dedicate particular hours for quality time with family and friends.
  21. Learn to understand first sings of burnout. Than take a few days of and travel nearby (or far away if you can).
  22. Stick to exercise regime (gym, dance, hiking, biking, zumba, yoga, etc).
  23. Simplify your daily life.
  24. Simplify your beauty regime.
  25. Prioritize yourself.
  26. Sleep at least 8 hours per night (might be more).
  27. Learn to say “no”. It’s hard from start but gets easier day by day.
  28. Avoid working in toxic environment and if you don’t like your job than change it.
  29. Occasional digital detox.
  30. Do not share your personal life moments in social media. Some memories should stay private.
  31. Limit your social media time and follow only that content creators who brings value in your life.
  32. Travel more even if it’s nearby.
  33. Spend money on creating memories instead of buying useless stuff.
  34. Walk more, drive less.
  35. Commute less by choosing your living place near the office. Ots such a waste of time if you spend hours in non paid commuting.

That’s short list of things that minimalist do. For everyone minimalism gonna be different because one size don’t fit all. You have to understand that minimalism is a lifestyle and not a short term commitment.

Also if something makes you happy than keep it or continue to do it (I don’t speak about anything that harm your body & mind such as overeating, eating junk food, not sleeping enough, smoking, etc)… For example I love coffee and I don’t mind to spend a few hundred rupees for cup of joy four times a week. It’s my rest time from work and way to avoid burnout from over working.

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