Competition between young people is in all time high. What does it mean? It means that if you postpone your actions than someone else will achieve your goal. Also that someone will move towards his/her next goal while you still in slow “work in progress mood”.

As faster you move towards your goals, as faster you can get new goals. I do believe in 72 hours rule.

72 hours rule: if you did not do it in first 72 hours after you got an idea than you will never do it. Forget and find more inspiring new goal.

My biggest life achievements I’ve done under 72 hours. For example since moment when I met my husband (on that time online friend) to marriage past only 62 hours. That means I made the most important decision of my life (choose life partner) fast. I did not have time to overthink, question my decision. Also I did not tell anyone that I was getting married. That was surprise for both families.

Another my big decision to became Forex trader. From moment when I decided to moment when I opened & recharged trading account passed less than two days. It’s gave me huge advantage of opportunity to learn while working and to learn on my mistakes.

So, decide what you want and immediately fulfill it. You will save your time and achieve success.

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