For many years I did not understand meaning of phrases “Tell me who’s your friends and I’ll tell you who you are” and “Your friends reflect who you are”, and “If you are the smartest in the room than you are in wrong room”. Now, when I’m almost 30 and business owner I understand that people with whom I spend time influence on my future.

I used to believe that lifelong friendship is possible but now I understand that friends change if you move ahead in life. I could not imagine myself hanging around with my university classmates because they achieved nothing in life, so they will pull me down. Even family members may not understand why have you changed and left them in past.

Society teach us to feel guilty about breaking friendship, about leaving in oast people who don’t fit in our new reality. But it’s just the way to pull you down, so they will not feel themselves as much losers as they are. Society teach us to take care about people more than to take care about ourselves. What’s in result? You can’t pour from empty cup (you are drained emotionally and financially). Even in flight always thought to help yourself first and only after help that who’s near you.

It’s not easy to leave people in past, especially that who used to be important (I don’t talk about parents). Everyone will tell you that you are heartless and shameless. But it’s the way to grow yourself and achieve your dreams. Even if no one else understand your dreams and thirst of success. Hardly anyone successful got needed support from friends and colleagues. Even husband / wife may not support your dreams because it’s crazy / overly ambitious / opportunistic / stupid / risky, etc.

No one will support you more than you support yourself. No one will understand you better than you understand yourself. Rare who will share with you your dream. That person is valuable but don’t expect it to be in this way lifelong.

There’s many ways to meet people who fit your future: LinkedIn, professional chats, co-workers, conferences, etc. People who are thirsty for success will motivate you to achieve your goals faster and will keep you accountable about the process.

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