Vegan fur? Yeeessss! I absolutely adore recent trend for using synthetic fur instead of real fur. I got interested in Apparis vegan fur coats because of mind-blowing colors (it’s not sponsored post). Here’s more details about vegan fur and it’s future.

Brand established by two friends who wanted to make an impact. For that Apparis brand created that based in New York. Vegan fur is accessible because of lover prices and trendy design. Brand gained popularity because of colorful line of push faux fur coats.

Apparis co-founders worked in luxury fashion industry and wanted to change it. Faux fur is more sustainable and cruelty-free. In order to produce vegan fur only eco-friendly dyes are used.

Currently Apparis sell variety of items manufactured in limited editions. Faux fur coats prices starts from $240, most beautiful coats sold at price $400+. Cruelty free fur used to be low quality until the technology is revolutionized. Now it’s the hottest trend in fashion world because many designers shifted to vegan fur and leather. More demand for faux fur leads to improved technology and huge variety.

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