I love cooking but it could be exhausting. As I shifted to India from Ukraine I drastically changed my food preferences and cooking style. In India people prefer to eat food cooked for one time, in Ukraine my family always meal prep to save time.

For me cooking 3 meals per day became hard after I started my small business. So, I’ve searched ways how to optimize grocery shopping, grocery list, ingredients storage, cooking time, and meal prep strategy for hot climate. I wrote down all my vegetables & fruits purchase by names and by weight in grams. After that I measured how much goes in waste because I bought too much. I calculated optimal vegetables purchase size. Same with fruits.

After I find out small insects in rice purchased in bulk I understood that bulk shopping is not a right thing for me. Bulk shopping leads to more waste. I optimized number of dry ingredients in my storage unit. There’s always 2 type of oats (regular and spicy), rice, pasta, kidney beans, chickpeas, dry coconut, raisins, nuts, brown sugar, spicy. From this ingredients it’s easy to cook nutritionally balanced meal.

But my biggest improvement happened after I’ve seen YouTube video “Cook once, eat twice”. Basic idea is to cook 2 servings of food per one time. Such a simple idea but save a lot of time. It’s easy: take double quantity of required ingredients, cook, divide on half. First half eat asap, second part store for next meal.

Meal prep save time and electricity needed to cook. Meal prep is beneficial for health because homemade food contain less calories, less fat, less sugar. Cheap fast-food and take out food is harmful for our health in long run. So, stay healthy and don’t be lazy to make your own meals.

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