What happened in past must stay in past. But humans prefer to carry emotional baggage of gone situations for years. It’s more like a habit than necessity. Phrase “emotional baggage” refers to dysfunctional thinking and harmful behavioural patterns that happened in past and has an adverse effect in presence.

We learn harmful behavioural patterns fast and recreate it in new situations because we know how to react on it. Here’s short check list:

  • You are constantly unhappy.
  • You are stressed out even after small situations.
  • You have potential but don’t use it because of lack of believe in yourself.
  • You are in unhappy relationship or under influence of toxic people.
  • You may have problems in managing anger, anxiety, level of stress, overeating & not eating enough.
  • Spending all day in bed.
  • Avoiding personal hygiene practices.
  • Procrastinating.
  • Lack of willpower.

That list is not full but mostly about main reasons of emotional luggage. For some people it’s too hard to deal with emotional luggage without psychologist help. But majority of population just lazy to much to put together their life.

There’s amazing strategy that work well for treating emotional baggage behavior. It’s called “The hell week”. Idea behind this tactic is simple: use your will power for entire week. Sounds quite easy until you do it.

In next article I’ll write in details about Hell Week Challenge.

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