Beauty standards becoming unrealistic. Why? Because what we see in social media is photoshopped, retouched, applied filter, etc. It’s not real, it’s just a perfectly fake image. Even if Instagram photo is not retouched that specific lights will be used to achieve perfection.

Fake and unrealistic but harmful for viewers mental health. We (women) always compare ourselves to others women (but only to that who looks better). Instagram influencers beauty is fake. Especially silly influencer claim “it’s my morning look without makeup” while wearing make-up, hair done, teeth brushed.

Social media perfection is the myth. But real woman compare themselves to impossibly perfect pictures. What’s in result? Unsatisfied, self criticized, body shamed by herself, always on diet, unmotivated and jealous female.

I also have Instagram account but I don’t post images of myself. I don’t follow anyone who makes me feel bad about myself (physically, mentally). My social media account I use for promotion of mu blog and for finding writing inspiration.

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