Company Perfect Day revolutionizing the milk industry and ensuring cruelty free milk production. Animal free milk became possible because of flora based manufacturing technology.

Company’s founders became vegans and couldn’t live without milk products. Because of that founders created innovative company that operates in unique food niche.

The founders created a more sustainable food system by creating milk proteins (whey and casein) that identical to proteins in cows milk. Flora converting (fermenting) carbohydrates into high-quality proteins while using less energy, water, land, greenhouse gas emissions. Company manufacture milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream without cow’s milk but with identical proteins. Flora based protein could be 40% cheaper than cow’s protein.

Founders added essential milk genes to microflora, then by fermenting converted plant sugar into milk proteins (contains no lactose). Product labeled as flora-based dairy protein and non-animal whey protein. Perfect Day protein certified as Generally Recognized as Safe.

In December Perfect Day announced the clothing of a $140 million fund raising (round C). This funds will unable the Company’s availability in different markets. Company partnering with many other brands to scale up fast and serve more customers globally.

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