I used to share my personal photos in social media just because everyone else was doing it. After that I was checking number of likes under each picture. If number of likes was low I’ve deleted the image because I didn’t get enough appreciation (I mean likes). Because of this I developed anxiety. I constantly compared my life with ideal life of other’s on social media.

After 10 years I’ve deleted my social media accounts and that’s one of my best decision so far. Last year I’ve started blog and desperately needed ideas for it. So, I’ve started Instagram account but without posting my pictured. So far I’ve reposted other users images and even got more than 500 followers (I know it doesn’t sound like much).

Now I stay in touch with important for me people in WhatsApp and when I want to know what’s going on in their life I just call them (yes, old fashioned style). I’ve lost connection with most of my social media connections but gained time to develop real friendship with a few.

If you feel that level of anxiety getting stronger every day than make 1 month brake from social media. Disable account for one month and use social media time to create life long memories for yourself. After 1 month you will never look on social media the same. Just this how much time you can gain if you give up useless social media engagement.

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