1. Use what you have already. Might sound weird but you own more than you need already
  2. Borrow (rent it). Why would you spend $300 on dress for special occasion that you will never wear again? There’s plenty of places where you can rent amazing items in affordable manner.
  3. Swap. If you are bored with some item than ask your friends who wants to swap for another item that you like.
  4. Thrift. I love thrift shopping. As I recently moved to India I’ve been criticized for secondhand shopping as it considered as a bad luck. What a b*shit.
  5. Make. Don’t be lazy to cook your meals instead of buying pre-made meals.
  6. Buy it. If you need it than buy it. It if brings value in your life than go ahead abd buy it.

Don’t follow blindly what others do. You must think and understand your needs before going crazy during sale season or Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Singles Day.

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