Since I became minimalist (in my understanding of minimalism) I minimized different useless purchases. Here’s my top 50 items to stop buying in order to used money for better purpose (travel, investment, education, etc):

  1. Fast fashion clothing. It’s absolute waste of money and harmful for the environment.
  2. Trendy clothing. I buy 95% second hand clothing in extremely affordable manner (but yet branded and in perfect condition).
  3. Beautiful but useless fancy underwear. Only comfortable and long lasting.
  4. Cheap shoes. What could be worst than uncomfortable pair of low quality shoes?
  5. Heels. I take care about my health and wear heels (only two pairs) only on special occasions.
  6. Many handbags. I downsized my handbag collection by 80% and after that purchased a few small branded bags (neutral bags which match almost every outfit).
  7. Hair products. No sprays, no glitter. Only shampoo and that’s all. My hair never been so beautiful and healthy.
  8. Hair colouring products. I use natural henna powder and it’s zero damage to hair.
  9. Fake jewelry. I buy only gold, diamonds and other precious stones. It’s investment as I live in India.
  10. Too much cosmetics. I’m beautiful without cosmetics too.
  11. Saloon made nails. Such a waste of time and money.
  12. Fancy hair removal products. Soap (coconut oil) do just fine.
  13. Supplements. You must eat well to be healthy.
  14. Useless home appliances.
  15. Fancy cooking tools.
  16. Eating outside most of the time. Cook at home and save money for travel.
  17. Kitchen appliances that perform only one task.
  18. Groceries in bulk (I never use all before it’s expire).
  19. Weird cooking ingredients which I’ll never gonna use again.
  20. Pre-made meal. Come on, cook from scratch (it’s faster than you think).
  21. Cheap snacks. You could make yummy & healthy snack in 5 minutes.
  22. Alcohol.
  23. Milk. Most of adults have lactose intolerance. It’s better to enjoy dahi or plain yogurt.
  24. Soft and sugary drinks. It’s easy to make smoothly (not more than 5 minutes).
  25. Coffee filters and tea bags. Swapped for French press and loose tea.
  26. Foreign made food items. Locally sourced is the best option.
  27. Paper towels. Cloth towels work as good as single use towels.
  28. Plastic wraps. Useless and wasteful.
  29. Napkins and toilet paper (try jetspray). That much better for environment and your wallet.
  30. Air fresheners.
  31. Items on discount. There’s reason why item discounted and most probably you don’t need it.
  32. Buy 1 get 1, buy 2 get 1…
  33. No travel with suitcase, only carry on backpack.
  34. Souvenirs. Better spend that money on experiences.
  35. Return online purchased item if my expectations not matched.
  36. Books & magazines. All online.
  37. Useless but cute home furniture.
  38. Home cleaning products which overpriced. In any case I have maid and I don’t care much by what product floor cleaned.
  39. Fabric softeners.
  40. Toys, home decoration items and seasonal decorations.
  41. Candles. Waste, waste, waste.
  42. Low quality electronics.
  43. Electronics accessories.
  44. Cheap earphones. Enjoy your music and audiobooks in best quality.
  45. Online subscriptions.
  46. Expensive single use items that could be rented.
  47. Fancy car accessories.
  48. Gym membership. If you hate gym than why don’t you buy membership for dance classes?
  49. Renting big home. Less belongings, less storage space, less price.
  50. Credit cards. Earn more than you spend.

Everything depends on you. And remember that you pay for items not by money but by number of hours that you worked to earn it. Think twice.

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