Victoria Secret fashion show cancelled…finally it’s officially canceled! Here’s why it’s a great development in society.

In Victoria Secret show only skinny (skeletons), tall and mostly white models. But it’s not representing the reality. No one looks as good in real life as models on runway. Even Victoria Secret models look average without tons of make up, fake hair, fake tan, crazy diet.

Victoria Secret fashion show used to be extremely popular ten years ago, but since that time society changed…but company’s top management stayed the same. Females demands changed. Female want comfort. If female wants to feel sexy than lace brallette and beautiful panties will do just fine. Female don’t need to dress up like from sex shop to appear desirable for man.

I’m glad that competitors follow inclusivity while developing lingerie line. All shapes, sizes, colors must be appreciated. Also plus size females have as good purchase power as skinny girls. And Victoria Secret discriminated women for being slightly bigger than runway skeletons. Oh, let’s not forget high prices and low quality (I used to be their buyer as well).

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