Approximately half of world’s population live in dengue endemic regions. Approximately 50 million people infected by dengue virus every year (mosquitoes bite). With such a high number of people infected each year there’s no medicine for dengue fever. Every patient advised to take paracetamol, a lot of water and that’s all (also a lot of suffer).

The classic dengue fever include sadden high fever, headache, skin rush, all muscular pain, eyes pain (unmistakable dengue sign). In severe form dengue shock syndrome developed (could be fatal). Disease diagnosed in laboratory by examine blood sample. If blood sample taken in early stage of disease than result may come negative and test repeated. Especially platelet count important (if count low than person may bleed to death).

Fever could be as high as 40C (104 F) and in most cases needed medical assistance to reduce the fever. Fever stays up to week. As I mentioned earlier there’s no medicine for dengue. Maybe medicine available somewhere but not in Mumbai (India).

Dengue fever comes with unpleasant itching on palm & foot (or any other body part). Itching stays up to 48 hours. Around 80% of dengue cases happening with itching. No medicine for itching work.

As I suffered from dengue fever I was surprised with lack of appropriate treatment available.

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