Half of the world population under the dengue fever risk. Including me. I got dengue fever. Despite protecting from mosquitoes I still got it.

Most interesting there’s no medicine against of dengue, only advised to drink paracetamol, pain killers and a lot of fluid.

No medicine for dengue developed (maybe developed but not available in Mumbai) but money for Mars colonization available. Such a ridiculous situation.

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  1. 7 years ago I read into reading the findings of Dr. Sanath Hettige. The comment space is not the place for long talk; — so, in the British Medical Journal, beginning in 2011 I believe he first began telling and having his articles published to this day, he discovered at the behest of his wife, also a doctor, to find a remedy/cure because her children were falling constantly down with DF, many dying after long painful suffering. PLXRC, papaya leaf extract rapid cure. Dr. Hettige found that PLX remedies/cure DF in 2 days. Only established medical doctors know this by the way. The Times Of India has been publishing of this cure year in, year out, to this day– even states it as a home cure as did its founder. I share all this with you in this comment space because, once you have any type of DF, you are a candidate for the other two. In most of Asia DF should not be an alarm, but the disconnect is killing every day, and will continue…..

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