Absolutely true statement. Our life depends on what we think. If mind flooded by negative (repetative) thought than good things will not come into life. I’ve met a few people so far who’s suffered from depression and lived with repetitive negative though in mind. And that scary.

Negative thoughts influence on brain condition, hormones, mental health, physical health, relationships, career. Negative thoughts ruin the future. It’s impossible to get rid of all bad thought because it’s human nature. But it’s quite simple to learn how to deal with repetitive negative thoughts (I’m not speaking about depression or any other serious illness).

First of all ask yourself “Will it matter to me in one year”. Most probably in one year you will forget about the situation.

Second, do eye exercise (any eye movement for at least one minute). I know that it sounds stupid but when you get angry your eyes stay in the same position. When you do eye exercise your brain unable to concentrate on negativity.

Third, do intense exercise (push ups, squats, jumps). You will get dopamine release which will erase anger.

Fourth, eat healthy food in order to achieve day norm of nutrients.

Read motivational quotes (in Google, Instagram, etc). Remember that negative thoughts must be controlled by you to prevent negatively take control of you.

In life not that many situations worth of your energy loss because of anger & negative thoughts.

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