According to on average users spend 37 minutes per day in Facebook. Let’s do simple math:

37minutes * 365 days = 13505 minutes pet year

13505 minutes : 60 minutes = 225 hours.

225 hours : 24 = 9.4 days per year.

Just think average Facebook user spend almost 10 days per year in Facebook. That’s crazy amount of time which could be used for better purpose: study, gym, business, etc.

According to GlobalWebIndex Philippines residents spend 3 hours 57 minutes in social media per day. On second position Brazil with 3 hours 39 minutes per day for social media.

We live in age of social media friends but still surrounded by loneliness. Social media influence on level of self-esteem because we constantly see a perfect life and compare with own life. You should limit your social media and and choose real life instead.

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