In order to run Facebook servers needed a lot of energy…100% renewable energy. Yes, all servers powered by renewable energy sources and it also 80% more water efficient than normal data center. In 2018 company saved 5.7 billion litters of water by using water efficient technology. Facebook accounts for approximately 20% of global corporate renewable energy volume.

Here’s how Facebook achieved energy efficiency. Company’s data centers achieved LEED gold level of certification. Also company is the members of the US Green Building Council. Company sell green energy to local businesses when there’s surplus of produced energy.

In 2018 introduced State Point Liquid Cooling technology in order to build high energy and water efficiency data centers. This technology will allow to reduce water usage by 90% in colder climates and by 20% in hot & humid climates. It’s became possible because of liquid-to-air energy exchanger.

Company’s hyper-efficient Open Compute Project servers are able to operate in higher temperature than regular servers. Machine learning technology is used to monitor, predict and optimize data centers.

According to in 2018 Facebook consumed 3.43 terawatt hours.

In 2018 Facebook used 2367 cubic meters o water.

As we can see Company work on energy and water efficiency but users store too much of useless photos and chats. Every extra picture require energy to be stored and more water for cooling of servers.

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