I used to be available 24/7 for all fake and unknown people in friends list. I did not understand from where I got so much anxiety and how many hours I’ve spend while browsing unknown users profiles.

I’ve been active user of Facebook since 2011 and I’ve got too much of attachment to it. From start I’ve been active just a few times per month, later I was online for a few hours per day. I felt that my life will not be completed without social media. I used to check pictures of everyone, comment on it. I’ve spend too much of time.

In 2015 I send friend request to unknown guy and now that’s my husband. After marriage my husband deleted his profile and started asking me to delete. After two years I’ve decided to delete my bellowed account per forever. It turns out into one of my best decision so far.

I’ve lost connection with almost everyone from my previous life and I’ve never felt so lite emotionally. I got so much of free time which I’ve dedicated to my husband and parents.

My non-stop tension about lack of life achievements gone. Everyone wants to look better in their profiles, but reality sucks. Online account it’s perfectly curated image of perfect life.

Before I deleted account I’ve decided with whom I’ll continue to stay in touch through WhatsApp. I did not lose anyone who is important but I gained time for important people.

If you are not ready to give up your Facebook account than deactivate it for one month and try to live your best life. From start it’s hard but as longer you concentrate on yourself as better you feel. It’s part of digital minimalism movement.

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