Every morning you decide what you do: alarm snooze button or wake up and make your dreams come true. I know that it sounds like a cliche but it’s 100% truth.

Wake up time depends on your schedule and there’s no miracly the best time to wake up. Most of motivation gurus tell that early morning wake up is best because you work while everyone is sleeping. But I disagree with it. I’ve tried to wake up at 5:30 am and I’ve never been less productive and miserable. According to sleep experts 8 hours of sleep needed. With my lifestyle it’s not possible to sleep at 9:30 pm.

Early morning wake up badly influenced on my trading performance. Market opening at 9 am and till that time I was tired. Early morning wake up does not bring any purpose in my life.

Just think how many people lose believe in waking up with purpose just because they wake up in wrong time for them? Lack of sleep destroy all pleasure from waking up with purpose.

In your life you have to decide how you live and achieve happiness of waking up with purpose.

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