Psychological reason for using bag is first reason for women. Women always carry something in hands. If hands empty than she feels like something important is missing. Also we should not forget that handbag at work will be different from evening clutch or from handbag of new mom with baby.

What’s inside the handbag even a secret for handbag owner. Here’s a short list of essentials and quite useless items:

  • Phone.
  • Wallet and many useless items inside the wallet. I’ve heard that big wallets it a sign of low income. How far is that true I don’t know.
  • Key and key charms. I simply don’t understand why anyone need extra weight in form of key charms?
  • Cosmetics and mirror. There’s never too much of cosmetics in her opinion.
  • Hair brush and lots of hair accessories. This one I don’t argue, it’s needed.
  • Diary and Pen. Quite useless. Okay it’s really useless.
  • Food. What if she gets hungry?
  • Food for office lunch. It’s fine.
  • Sweets. Life is impossible without sweets.
  • Water bottle.
  • Earphones. It’s the perfect way to play in to nirvana.
  • Old bills. Mostly inside the wallet. Why? Because handbag should be full.
  • Personal hygiene products. Period is always unpleasant and she carry too much of hygiene items.
  • Spare clothing. She never knows when she will need and most probably she will never use it.
  • Grocery bag. She cares about the environment.
  • Papper spray.
  • Other random stuff which I could not classify.

But the real story starts from fashion revolution. There are number of thought processes behind it. The major one, after World War I fashion designers, fashion lobbiests wanted female to use bags. So instead of having pockets in clothes, designers banished pockets. Rather introduced bag as a fashion accessories. Pockets in female clothes were gone and accessories bag become the new style. And fashion companies made huge profits from selling overpriced handbags to women.

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