Micro productivity is a life changing strategy of fulfilling small task every day for preselected time period. It’s not a new concept but rarely anyone stick to it. Why? Let’s find out.

Productivity goes against of laziness and we love to be lazy. There’s nothing bad in occasional laziness but it stops us from achieving goals. You get what you work for and not what you dream for. Big and life improving goals require more work and majority of us loose motivation on third day.

In corporate world deadline used but how many of us fulfill tasks before deadline approaches? Let me assume that if you read this article then you do everything in last moment just before the deadline. Deadline strategy work well in job but useless in real life. In real life we have no-one to give us direction, task and deadline. We have to choose tasks by ourselves and preferred completion day.

Here’s the strategy which is working. Select the task, divide in small pieces, write it in Google Calendar, put memorizer for every micro task. When you add task in calendar you make a time to fulfill it.

After all tasks added in calendar start with the hardest part. Follow the plan. Remember that you have done so much work already that to quit is not the option anymore.

Stay inspired by your goal and don’t tell to anyone what you do. Most of family members and friends will not understand why you need to achieve the goal. Also people will be scared that after achieving big goal you will not be their friend anymore.

Here’s my example of big task divided into small & achievable pieces. I want to post one article every day during October. For that I have to write 31 article. I have to plan what to write and stick to it for entire month. After month will be over I want to feel confidence that I can write every day and do not loose motivation.

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