Big goals overwhelming us. It seems unreachable. It seems that only selected talented humans can fulfill impossible. But let’s take a look how to break big goal into small & manageable & achievable pieces.

In most cases it’s called micro productivity but I prefer to describe it by old joke “How to eat an elephant? Piece by piece”. Here’s how to break big task into small pieces:

  1. Finalise your task & goal. Sounds easy but it’s really hard to do. Until there’s no finalized goal, there’s no chance to achieve it. Goal could be extremely simple or complicated, that’s you to decide.
  2. Is it your goal or someone’s (parents, friends, loved one). It’s your life and you’re not supposed to match anyone’s expectations, except your own expectations from yourself.
  3. Is this goal worth of your hard work?
  4. Open Google calendar (it’s not sponsored) and choose deadline for achieving goal. Choose realistic deadline.
  5. Divide big task into small tasks which must be fulfilled every day. Write it in calendar, high lite by bright color, choose memorizer. It’s crucially important to figure out date and time wen micro task will be fulfilled.
  6. Choose two day per week as a rest time to prevent burnout. Trust me, burnout kills all satisfaction from achieving goal.
  7. Mark in calendar every fulfilled micro task. It’s a great source of self motivation as well as tracker of your journey.
  8. Add changes in your calendar as fast as you think about it. Don’t delay.
  9. Follow the plan. It’s the hardest part.
  10. Award yourself.
  11. Achieve your goal or during the process change your end goal. On start of the journey people hardly understand the desirable end result.
  12. Remember to enjoy every moment.

Most of the people just dream about achievements but actually not ready to do anything, some people only start and never finish the task. Some people hide from everyone what they do. I personally believe that no-one should know about your true goal until and unless that person support you in achieving it.

Big life achievements does not come easy. You get what you work for and not what you wish for!

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