I love coffee, coffee loves me, we can’t live without each other.

What could be better than cup of freshly bereaved coffee? Only cup of coffee in international coffee day: 1 of October. In 2015 International Coffee Organization launched celebration of coffee day worldwide.

International coffee day it’s not only about drinking aromatic coffee, it’s more about recognizing hard work of people (farmers, logistics, baristas, etc). Coffee has never been more popular than now, worldwide more than 3 billion cups consumed every day.

Coffee business is marginal business. On average cross margin per cup is 75% (cost of ingredients, equipment, rent salary should not be more than 25%). That means that per $4 price tag there’s $3 is the profit margin. But coffee is more than just ab energetic drink, it’s experience & socializing. Customers are ready to pay premium for experience. That’s why chain coffee shops and small speciality coffee shops are only growing in popularity.

As for me I can always brew my own cup of coffee at home but I go every time to coffee shop to enjoy the atmosphere. Some people would call it money waste, but I haven’t seen anyone who got rich by not drinking coffee in Starbucks or Costa Coffee.

Happy International Coffee Day!

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