Sometimes we met with accidents because we are not cautious . Who is responsible for accidental slip from sidewalk to the road side? Almost everyone will tell “That one, who felt. Should watch where to step”.

What if sidewalk was not maintained and I slipped on road & damaged ligament? Sounds funny right. I asked same to myself.

According to statistics women are more prone to slip than man because of uncomfortable shoes. High heels, flats, wedges are main trouble makers for women. In 10 years number of high heels related injures doubled. But when I slip & felt I was wearing sport shoes.

People assume that if trouble happened with someone else than it’s someone’s else responsibility. As a tax payer I felt bad that sidewalk & road maintenance money was stolen. Also there’s no camera to proof something. Why I (or anyone else) should suffer from mistakes of road workers?

A municipality is only liable for a slip and fall accident on a street or sidewalk if it was negligent and its negligence was a cause of the accident. Simply because you fell on a street or sidewalk does not mean that the city or town was negligent.

According to it’s hard to prove that sidewalk was negligent. How many people face same or even worst injury because of bureaucracy? Most of them will be scared to open the mouth and tell about injury. I think we should express thoughts about quality of roads & sidewalks, at least in Twitter.


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