It’s your responsibility to reduce carbon footprint.

Here’s a simple steps to reduce carbon footprint:

  1. Be smart with grocery shopping. Plan what you buy and avoid bulk purchases .There’s many tricks to make customers spend more money and buy useless items: buy 2 get 1, only today 20% off, buy 1 kg and get 200 grams free, etc. Even huge size of shopping cart is deliberate. Food waste adds up to carbon footprint done by you
  2. Cook more at home or employ someone who will cook for you healthy food. You will save a lot of money and will stay healthy longer. Home-cooked meals prevent from snacking on highly processed foods that is negative for environment.
  3. Cook or get your meals ready for at least for 2 days ahead. You will save time and definitely gonna eat premade food.
  4. Avoid takeaway food. In most cases it’s not worth of eating. Too much of calories, carbon footprint, packing.
  5. Avoid plastic bags, wraps, bottles. I know that it’s recyclable but let’s be honest, 100% recycling doesn’t happened.
  6. Avoid too much of cosmetics, personal care items, perfumes, etc. After opening there’s short period of time when it could be used safely.
  7. Optimize your transportation. More walk, more scooter, more biking, more public transportation and less driving. Give yourself rest from driving. Save the environment.
  8. If you have to use personal car than insure that car is in good condition and you don’t have garbage inside. More fuel needed for every extra kg of junk.
  9. Declutter your life and home. Clutter equal to carbon footprint done by you. I used ConMarie method for declutter.
  10. Do not clutter home after declutter.
  11. Buy used clothes. It’s fraction of price and you can get luxury items which last long.
  12. Paperless bills.
  13. Reduce water usage by fast shower,using of dishwasher, closing taps properly.
  14. Save electricity by using LED lamps and turning lights & electrical items off every time you leave the room.
  15. If you upgrade your cooling or heating system than go for energy efficient one.
  16. Reduce work related travel (online meeting just fine). Transportation responsible for most of carbon emission.

Opposite direction is to increase oxygen levels in the atmosphere by afforestation, reduction in usage of non-biodegradable items, renewable energy, etc.

Reduction of carbon footprint is possible if citizens make right choices and influence on manufacturing companies. But it’s not possible in every country. In majority of developing countries economic growth possible only if carbon emission increased. It’s needed to grow sufficient food, increase manufacturing, increase GDP. Level of education and information availability is crucial.

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