It’s normal for humans to overthink simple situations which will not have long term influence on their life. Some people mistake overthinking by intuition. There’s a difference between intuition and overthinking.

Intuition feels like thought (felling of something about to happen) without thought process behind it. Overthinking is repetitive thought about the situation which is not likely to happen. There’s huge difference and consequences.

In the most cases overthinking is accompanied by anxiety, low self-esteem and fear. In rare situation overthinking caused by happy moments (that happy moments which will never happen again).

“Our ability to manifest is powerful enough that if we believe in our fears, they become our reality. The more this happens, the more evidence we build up in our minds supporting the fact that our anxieties are our truths.”

According to the research people who are anxious have a significantly reduced ability to use intuition. When person experience intuition than it comes with pleasant sensation, overthinking never pleasant. Overthinking is more intense than feeling of intuition. Overthinking provoke unpleasant body reaction (butterflies, adrenaline rush, tears, upset stomach, sweat, etc). Overthinking and stress are linked.

Intuition appears for big life decisions and overthinking happens even about tiny stupid things. To dismiss intuition is easy, to dismiss overthinking equal to impossible.

Hopefully I’ve explained how to understand where’s intuition and where’s overthinking. Please follow and leave comments.


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