As younger person as easier to impress and manipulate. I remember how easy it was to impress me when I was a poor teenager and now situation have to be extraordinary to impress me.

As older I’m getting as less drama I want in relationship. I started valuing my time and think before getting upset because small reasons. Also there’s a big difference between reaction and overreaction. There’s 2 main type of overreaction:

  1. Internal overreaction: if something doesn’t go their way than person can’t think about anything else.
  2. External overreaction: fight, scream, emotional manipulation.

It’s extremely rare case when everything goes the way it planned. Also you should not spend valuable time in attempts to impress other people. There’s always gonna be someone who achieved more than you. People spend tremendous amount of money in order to tell to the world “I’ve achieved a lot, here’s a photo&video proofs”. How many places people visit not because they like the place, but because the place looks Instagrammable? Or crazy shopping spree to show off availability of money? We are surrounded by people who’s life looks great in social media.

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