Plead don’t follow advice like “wake up at 5 am and start your day from killing workout”. It’s horrible idea. Let me explain why.

Entire industry build on making people believe that 5am (even 4 am) wake up time will make you rich and successful faster.

If you are not productive when wake up at 7 am than what will make you productive at 5 am? For first a few days you will definitely feel great that you are working towards achieving your dreams when everyone else sleep. You believe that you are ahead of everybody. But is it actually true?

Scientists attempted to find a perfect amount of hours need for human for rest. Scientists found that sleep time ranges from 7 to 9 hours. Women mostly need longer rest time than man does. Insufficient sleep leads to variety of health problems. If to follow 5 am wake up time that means at 10 pm you already have to sleep (sleep and not just brows phone). Is it realistic in modern life? Questionably.

Let’s not forget about possibility of burnout. You are not a machine which can work since 5 am till evening, every day for a few years to achieve success. When success finally achieved you are not happy because you had no pleasure in life, only work.

Some 5 am “miracle morning” gurus wrote bunch of books and became rich on it. They became rich on selling dreams to book buyers to achieve success faster. Most of this “gurus” use phrase “the early bird gets the worm”. But gurus never share second part of quote:

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese!

Some gurus advice to give up friends, family, going out, travel, etc. It’s like “put your head down and work for a few years”. Modern life is filled with opportunities which you may not see because you are busy in following someone’s advices. Wake up in time which is the most suitable for your lifestyle.

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