People want everything fast and with minimum effort to achieve it. People in search of magical short cut road to success. People are ready to go for various events to discover “money making formula” for unlimited passive income. Numerous achievers and gurus use disparate for higher income people to earn more money. Almost all guru’s speeches are the same. Here’s how they make you believe them.

For free events and for paid events strategy slightly different. Remember that if you did not pay entrance fee means you are going to be asked to buy something. Even if you paid entrance fee you still will be asked to upgrade or buy something more.

“Get rich quick” events is never about you getting rich, it’s about guru getting more rich.

Guru have to make everyone believe that he is the most successful person who discovered money making formula. Guru will be dressed to impress (tailored suit, top end watch, expensive perfume, etc).

Guru creates hype about what he owns. There’s always will be private jets, expensive cars, prime properties, entourage of absolutely success. For example guru will claim “I have billion dollar worth prime real estate” but in reality that is “billion dollar real estate under the management”. That means that guru don’t own that real estate. It’s always bluff. Same goes about countless business around the globe.

Before event intro made: leader who is pursuing best possible life filled with money. Video will be full of energy and bluff.

Some gurus go as far to show that they just landed on their private jet as pilot turns on engines. It looks so fake.

Gurus always tell that just yesterday I’ve been to another part of the world because everyone need my knowledge but today I’m in city “X” to teach you. Guru is always use calendar to show off how little time guru have. Guru never speak first. There will be a few more inspiring small gurus to warm up crowd before main star enter the stage.

Why people come this type events? Because people believe in words of guru “I achieved everything, now it’s my time to teach other and inspire growth”. Guru will tell sad story how he/she procrastinated many years of life until they went on similar event (read book) and that changed their life. Guru was more miserable than crowd on event. It’s emotional manipulation.

After many years of work guru accumulated so much knowledge that created “money making formula”. For 30 minutes guru speaks bla bla bla and nothing up to the point. Why? Because guru want you to purchase his secret.

Guru commonly cheers up crowd with words “you are awesome”, “you will be successful in foreseeable future because you find time to come for event”. Guru’s interaction with crowd is based on psychology. As more guru interact with crowd as more crowd is willing to buy what he wants to sell. Crowd will be asked to rise hands in order to show how serious they are about event. Oh, and let’s don’t forget “who wants to make some money today?”.

Guru manipulate emotions by “you have been lied about money (real estate, forex, etc) but I’m here to teach you what is really working”. Next “who is interested?”.

After half an hour manipulative bla bla bla crowd ready to buy guru’s new course (bootcamp, crash course, online book, online course, personal training, etc). Guru states that his service cost tens of thousands of $ , but only today he is kind to sell it to you at only $497. It’s limited offer (in reality it is cheating) and you will not get on this affordable prices anywhere else (fake statement). Mostly after this a few perfectly tailored emotional manipulations used: you can achieve if you have right tools (my service, you can change your life or stay miserable, etc.

This type of events happening around the world every day. There’s no short cuts to success, you have to work smart for long time. Money making formula does not exist because for everyone path to success is different.

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