When females are less educated that creates men’s society (aka “this is the men’s world”). Men were taking advantage of this situation for centuries. Even now in 2019 research data shown that:

  1. Women studied fewer years in school.
  2. Fewer females study in the universities (colleges).
  3. Fewer females are studying math, chemistry, IT, physics, etc.
  4. In some countries government established quotas for minimum number of ladies in university and job (this is reality in India).
  5. If parents have financial opportunity to educate only one child and they have to choose between son and daughter than son’s education will be in priority. Females considered as future mothers which don’t need much education (I’m speaking about South-East Asia and Africa).
  6. Females are less likely to ask for salary hike.
  7. Females are less likely to ask for job promotion.
  8. Females are earning less than men.
  9. Females are more likely to choose jobs with less salary (school teacher, cashier, waiter, human resource management, nurse, housekeeper, sanitary worker, administration, etc).
  10. Women spend more money on her kids and on themselves.
  11. Women tend to enter workforce later than men.
  12. Female kid from age of 12 have period, if family can not afford pads than she have to miss classes.
  13. Child marriage and early unwanted pregnancies.
  14. In most countries only women take maternity leave. Than means that women are not growing careers because they take care about babies. When women are back in workforce, man already have more years of experience and higher position in company.
  15. Less educated females are more likely to have more kids than well educated female

Now let’s speak about literacy rate.

As I born in Soviet Union where education was mandatory for both genders, I’ve never seen uneducated females. When I shifted to live to India (Mumbai) I was shocked about literacy gap. Here’s a few examples:

  1. In Rajasthan state male literacy stands on 80%, female literacy stands on 52%. In cities like Jalor only 38% of females are literate.
  2. In Afghanistan only 24% of females are literate comparably to 52% of man.
  3. In Niger (Africa) only 11% literacy rate among females.
  4. In my home country Ukraine 99.7% females literacy rate.

Educated female which enter workforce on equal rights with men are huge stimulation for economic growth.

As less educated females as less chances for career and higher income they have. In order to grow popularity of female kid education in India government program established “Beti bachao, beti padhao” (Save daughters, educate daughters).

In Mumbai’s local train I commonly see female kids approx 6 years old who sell toys, napkins, food. They don’t go school, they don’t have happy childhood, they have no opportunities in life. Most of the people take education as something granted untill they see consequences of no education for females.

This is not a feminist post. I write this to motivate you to build schools and pay for someone’s child education (it cost per year like a few visit to Starbucks). You can choose location and build small school. Be sure that karma will reward you.

Hopefully this article bring value in to your life and gave food for thoughts. Please follow for more articles.

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